About Burwell Roofing & Construction Inc.

For the past 25 years

Burwell Roofing & Construction Inc. has delivered responsiveness, customer service, quality, and leadership with every construction project we've taken on. Our company's core values are to build quality construction, remodeling and refinishing projects according to their original specifications - on time and within budget. Total customer satisfaction drives every aspect of our business - our reputation has been built on honesty, craftsmanship, engineering, quality workmanship and integrity for almost 30 years.

To secure these promises

Burwell Construction

our company relies on our years of experience. Our sales and management team totals over 130 combined years of construction experience. Each of our employees takes pride in their work as well as values our company's brand along with our solid reputation. We have the most skilled and dedicated team of builders and contractors in the entire mid-west.

While our company values are traditional and our experience extensive, we remain on the forefront of new technology as it applies to residential and commercial construction as well as remodeling. We always utilize sophisticated information systems that allow us to bid every project with utmost precision. We also have a broad knowledge of the Kansas Insurance practices and are skilled negotiators when it comes to agreeing on the best price for homeowner claims. Staying on the leading edge of our industry is important to us - but not as important as customer service. No job is too big or too small - if it is Built Well, it is Burwell Roofing & Construction, Inc. Call us today!

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