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Window Replacement in Wichita KS? We Can Take Care of it For You

At Burwell Construction Inc., we know that new windows and new doors add to the appeal of your home and increase efficiency when it comes to heating and cooling.

Modern-day technology is more advanced than it has ever been for insulation, using the newest methods and materials to give you the best in energy conservation. This includes the prevention of the air loss old doors and window gaps would involve.

Our team of expert Wichita window contractors can help you choose the right windows and doors to fit your needs and budget. At the same time, we ensure that only top-notch expert service is involved when it comes to the installation of your doors and/or windows.

The Benefits of Window Replacement

More Efficient Heating and Cooling

Replacing your old, inefficient windows with new, high-performance options can significantly improve your home’s temperature regulation.

New window technology incorporates advanced glazings, weatherstripping, and frame materials to prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Beautiful replacement windows in Wichita KS can upgrade the overall aesthetic of your home. Going with a cohesive window style on the front facade creates a welcoming first impression for visitors. Boosting curb appeal pays off when it comes time to sell.

More Value For Your Home

New window installation in Wichita KS is a smart investment, recouping over 70% of window costs at resale. Energy efficient windows save the next homeowner money while providing better lighting, ventilation and noise reduction.

State of the Art Materials

The latest windows utilize innovative materials for better insulation, strength and visual appeal. Durable composites resist weathering from rain, UV rays and more. Additionally, modern tints/coatings filter light and glare without obscuring views. You get advanced technology for comfort and timeless style.

Improved Durability

With heavy-duty construction and weather-resistant builds, new windows are designed to perform reliably for decades with little upkeep. Robust composite frames won’t rot, warp or crack over time. Fade-defying finishes retain their luster and prevent corrosion.

Top Name Brands Available

Are you looking for window replacement contractors in Wichita KS? If so, you’ve reached the end of your journey. Call us today to learn more about the high-quality doors and windows available from Burwell Construction Inc. Of Goddard KS.

We have a long line of products for you that will ensure your needs and demands are met.

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