Are Gutters Necessary? Problems You Can Avoid by Installing Gutters

Gutters have long been part of structural design. Your home growing up certainly had gutters, and you likely never thought twice about it. But why do houses have gutters? Or, more to the point, why are gutters important for your home?

Let’s break down some of the common reasons why a house needs gutters and get a better understanding of why gutters on your home can actually protect your property.

Gutters Are Necessary

The common association with gutters is that they direct rainwater away from the home. This is true. However, there are misconceptions about why this is in fact so important. For instance, if your gutter system is not adequately working, you can find yourself with quite a bit of water damage. 

Additionally, this water damage can appear in several ways. Here are a few of them:

Basement Flooding

Gutters work by collecting rainwater and directing it away from your home. This is not only for cleanliness and efficiency but also for protection. For example, if rain pools up near your foundation, it can cause structural damage or flooding.

This can ultimately lead to wet basements and problems with your home’s foundation. It is a common rule of thumb that water always wins the fight when it comes to homes. Gutters are necessary because they are your first line of defense after your roof.

Water Runoff

Without a gutter in place, there are certain parts of your roof that are likely to develop “Waterfalls.” These waterfalling areas can cause damage in a variety of ways. For one thing, they can put unneeded stress on your roof. If water continues to flow to a particular area, that is wear that can start to cause problems over time. 

This particular area, for instance, can develop mold and mildew from constant sitting moisture. If this mold gets into your attic, you will be in need of undesired home improvements. By having gutters around your house, you will eliminate the concentrated waterfalling and evenly distribute the flow of water. 

A hand cleaning out a clogged gutter.

Additionally, water falling from your roof directly to the ground can harm the soil as well as the foundation. While the foundation and basement are what most homeowners think of, the soil is at risk as well. This happens when too much water creates mold growth in the soil. 

And if your soil is clay-rich, this is a problem in and of itself. Clay will break down and create problems. Therefore, gutters are important on a house to help direct constant waterfalling away from clay-rich soil.

Keeping Gutters Clean

There are many problems affiliated with a lack of gutters, but a damaged or clogged gutter will cause problems as well. It is pretty clear to see why gutters are necessary, but don’t forget about regular maintenance. 

Gutter Cleaning

The idea of getting on a ladder and cleaning your gutter is not always fun to think about. This is why there are professionals who can handle the job for you. But regardless of who is doing the cleaning, it must be thorough and regular. 

A backed-up gutter will create a dam, which will lead to any number of the problems mentioned above. On one hand, you don’t want water pouring out where it is not intended and creating foundational problems. On the other hand, you don’t want it pooling on your roof, creating opportunities for leaks and mold damage.

Therefore, make sure your gutters are clean and fastened correctly. After all, some gutters are more durable than others. It is worth checking on them after significant storms, such as hail storms or heavy winds. Making sure they are fastened correctly is as important as making sure they are clean. 

Leaking can also be a problem with older gutters especially. Gutters are exposed to the elements, from squirrels to rustling tree branches to harsh weather. Any of these can create small dents or holes that can lead to further leaking. And it is easy to understand that a leaking gutter defeats much of the purpose of the gutter itself.  

Turn to the Professionals

Gutters are necessary to protect your home. Just like a proper roof or secure windows, gutters play a significant role. From their installation to their ongoing maintenance inspections, don’t let your gutter duties fall by the wayside.

If you are in need of maintenance or even a new gutter, reach out to the professionals at Burwell Construction. We have the experience and knowledge to make sure you get the gutter you need. Not to mention we provide the installation your house deserves. 

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